What is anal fisting?

Anal fisting (also known as anal penetration) is a sexual practice in which
a man inserts his penis into the anus of another man.

The word "fisting" can refer to anal insertion in general or specifically
to anal insertion by a finger. It is also used to describe the insertion of
various objects into the anus, such as dildos and butt plugs.

It should be noted that fisting requires a great deal of physical contact
between performers, a point that can be demonstrated in several videos on
this website collection.

How do you do anal fisting?

Fisting is a form of BDSM, usually involving manual penetration with a
dildo or other object. It is also known as anal fisting or analingus (both
terms are common but often used interchangeably).

The fister inserts the object into her vagina and can insert it up to 90%
of its circumference. As the thing passes through her body, fluids are
released, causing pleasure. A positive feedback loop develops between the
fisting partner and the host, a man, a woman, or both. The fister will
often insert multiple objects simultaneously to create sensations for both

There are several different types of fisting: vaginal, anal, and strap-on.
Some people consider vaginal fisting the most pleasurable because it allows
more control over the insertion depth. The insertion depth can vary from as
little as 3 mm to 30 mm (1/8 inch) with specific lubes and toys that make
insertion easier. Vaginal fisting uses a vibrator on one end of the dildo.
In contrast, on the other end, participants hold onto each other. At the
same time, they insert the dildo up their vaginas until they feel that they
have inserted all their fingers inside them (sometimes with an additional
finger in case those are not enough).

Anal fisting involves inserting something like a vibrator into someone's
anus and then moving it around inside them until they reach orgasm. There
is also a strap-on analingus, where a person wears an anal plug during sex
so that she can insert objects inside her anus to stimulate herself during
sex without any stimulation from her partner's penis or fingers interacting
with hers during intercourse.

[2]Given how popular it is, I figured I'd do my best to compile some
resources on how to do this properly (and save you some time before you
start ;) ). First off, if you want further information on how people got
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