Here's Some Information on anal beads we have Put together for you to start.

I know, everyone knows about anal beads. But do they know how to use them?
Not as well as they should!

That's right: you can't learn to use your anal beads unless you have some
experience with them. This posts and these Free Video's will teach you how
and why. And in the process, I hope I'll also get you started experimenting
with them yourself. (I hope!)

The first thing we want to cover is called "Exploratory Anal Bead
Experiment," and it covers three of the most common scenarios where people
find themselves when trying to learn about anal beads:

1) when someone asks about them,

2) when someone shows up at your place and

3) kinky sex toys being mentioned.

If you watch some of the videos on this site, you will see how anal beads
work (they don't work that way), which is pretty cool! You might want to
read this one first!

Types of Anal Beads

We've been big fans of anal beads for years. They do so many beautiful
things for me that I think they should be given their category.

Second, and more importantly, I want to point out the three different types
of anal beads that exist.

As you know, there are several brands of anal beads. Some are made with
plastic and others are made with glass or metal. Some are shaped like a
dildo or vagina and some are shaped like a man's cock (I think I have seen
one that is just for men and another for women). The brand's name is
usually printed on the bottom of the container or the packaging.

There aren't any specific brand names other than "Anal Beads," so it's
possible to find multiple products with similar names but different brands.

"Anal beads" can also be used as a vaginal lubricant (and sometimes vaginal
stimulating toys), sexual enhancement/prostate massagers, and for many
other purposes.

Still, they're sometimes also used to train men how to use condoms during
sex (so they can watch free videos while training).

The essential part about anal beads is how they work. There aren't any
mechanical parts inside them - they're entirely organic, and organic
materials play an essential role in their chemistry.

A good quality anal bead will feel soft inside because it contains natural
lubricants, which keep each bead on your penis feeling smooth and without
friction (even at high speeds).

When you insert your beads into your anus, most likely the first thing you
notice is how it feels tight. It's very pleasurable once you get used to it
because it feels nice. Make sure you do it slowly. The key is patience! And
not only patience - if you have trouble getting started with this, then
don't expect a long insertion time; let yourself try for about 15 minutes
before taking anything further.

Common Uses for Anal Beads

We've met a lot of people who have asked us how we use our anal beads. For
some reason, the wor