Anal Gape

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In the last few weeks, anal Gape has become a hot topic. Many people use it
to describe a sexual term that describes oral sex where the partner's penis
enters the anus.

It's not uncommon for couples to have anal sex that involves oral sex or
vaginal intercourse without any penetration, but some people find anal
penetration arousing.

Anal Gape can be described as an intense sexual experience. While extreme
and extreme intimacy are possible in this situation, there is one
difference: anal penetration replaces vaginal penetration. It's never been
easier to introduce anal Gape to your partner.

What is it?

Anal Gape is what people who have anal sex do with each other. It is a
sexual position where one partner penetrates the anus of the other partner.
Often, anal Gape is done by two physically close people to each other.

Anal Gape was first described in the book "Being and Sexuality," written by
Kinsey Institute psychologist Alfred Kinsey in 1948 and published in 1953.

Since then, the Kinsey Institute has continued to collect data on anal sex
and has published numerous reports on it since then. As of 2018, the
institute was still collecting data on anal sex and other sexual

"What is it?" - What does this mean? "Anal gape" means that you may
experience an intense sensation inside your rectum when a penis enters your
anus from behind or from above (as in missionary), or during penetrative
vaginal sex (such as cunnilingus).

This sensation can be so intense that you find yourself unable to control
yourself! This feeling can cause some women to orgasm within seconds of
insertion of a penis into their rectum, even at relatively low velocities
(the most common is about 3-4 inches during insertions.) It also happens
that sometimes someone else may ejaculate inside you during an insertion.
This happens when there is penetration outside your anus (e.g., fingering
or penetration via a condom).

It is usually associated with vaginal penetration of vaginally inserted
genitals by penis or by fingers; however, some men (known as "coital Anal
Gapes," or CAGs) do it while having vaginal intercourse with a woman's anus
being used merely for its entry/exit mechanism (e.g., while they are
penetrating her vagina with their penis).

Many women find this stimulating and can also be very arousing for them;
some men enjoy it too. Some women enjoy inserting objects into their
partners' rear ends to provide added stimulation for themselves (i.e.,
fingers entering their rear ends under her clothing). Anal Gape can also be
achieved using toys specifically designed for this purpose, such as butt
plugs or dildos; these toys help stimulate the bottom's prostate gland more
directly than just using fingers or toys inside their rectums will do."

How Anal Gape it start?

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