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I'm not sure why people like watching Asian Female Porn Videos so much.

I'm not sure why I like watching them so much.

Asian Women are a Taboo Subject

I have always been fascinated by this. I grew up in a strictly Asian family
and had no idea of Japanese and Chinese porn. I learned about it when I
went to Japan for the first time, but it was not on my radar.

Then one day — on a whim — I decided to check out some sites and discovered
that yes, there are lots of videos of Japanese women having sex with other
women, not just Asian women (it's any woman of color). I was shocked. It
wasn't anything that had ever crossed my mind before. So much so that I
spent some time looking into it (and found out a lot more than you'd

This is what is known as an "ethnic fetish" or an "ethnic fetish
subculture". It's simply not something Anglo men think about or enjoy at
all! If they do, though, they're pretty likely to be put off by it (and
many are).

I used to think this was a niche market — or maybe just a tiny niche market
— until I read some research that shows over 50 million people watching
porno videos with Asian women in them each month (that's around 3% of the

Most people don't even realize just how big this industry is. Many of them
don't even recognize the term "couple-buddy" as being used for non-Asian
couples having sex — but it is! And there are plenty of non-Asian guys who
also like watching porno videos with Asian females!

This industry is huge and has been growing since the early '90s when
Japanese pornography started making its way into mainstream culture. There
were certain locations where porno movies were shot, such as Tokyo and
Osaka in Japan, where they started showing their stuff in general cinemas
but later moved on to specialized video stores exclusively devoted to this
genre of pornography (remember those?).

Asian Female Sex Is Taboo

Sex is taboo in the western world. The majority of our culture more or less
restricts itself to monogamous heterosexual relationships. We have invented
the idea of sex being a gift and limiting it to marriage, and think that
having multiple partners is wrong, even if we do so subconsciously. We do
not believe that sex can be pleasurable or arousing because we believe that
it is something shameful or something forced on people who are not wanted.

How Asian Women Have Dominated the Porn Industry

In a recent Reddit AMA, porn star and adult performer Dani Daniels
explained that Asian women dominate the industry because they have been
running and protecting it from Western men for so long. "The introduction
of the internet has really helped with the mainstreaming of pornography,"
she said. "There are way more adult websites on the internet now than there
used to be, and those are in all different lang