Introducing anal toys and why you might want to try them

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You’ve probably heard of the term “Anal Sex.” But you might not know what
it is. The answer? It’s when a penis penetrates an anus. In other words,
anal sex.

Anal sex is a common and exciting experience for many people; a lot of
people enjoy it and some people find it pleasurable and enjoyable. But
there are other types of sex that can be enjoyed without having to have an
anus penetrated, something that is rarer but still happens in some places
and at times.

Many women enjoy anal sex more than vaginal sex because they like the
sensations, feelings and intensity that come with anal play, as well as the
sensation of being stretched open to allow penetration by another person's
penis or by their own penis. However, they are often reluctant to try anal
play because they feel embarrassed or worried about it being uncomfortable
or painful for them or their partner.

A great way to experience anal play safely and comfortably is through an
anal toy . An anal toy is a small vibrator that has a variety of functions
for its user; from stimulating erogenous zones such as the prostate or
urethra, to pleasureing other parts of the body like assensibility,
stimulation of the clitoris, stimulation of nipple pleasure (especially
nipples that are sensitive to touch) or g-spot stimulation if you have one.

One thing to consider before buying an anal toy is how you will use it;
does it need to be used with your partner's penis during intercourse? If
you are going to use an anal toy with your partner then you need a condom
on-hand so your penis doesn't get too wet which could increase the risk of
getting HIV/AIDS in addition to potentially putting his/her health at risk
(which could also decrease his/her sexual desire). If this isn't a concern
then there isn't really any harm in using an anal toy during intercourse
even though you may not want everyone else knowing (or wanting) you're
doing this kind of thing since it isn't something your partner would have
wanted done in the first place!

You can buy different kinds of toys for different purposes but I'll be
discussing two kinds: Anal Toys for Penetration & Butt Plugs . In order
to discuss these two types we'll first talk about penetration toys .

Anal Toys for Penetration: These toys aren't just designed for insertion
into the anus; they can also be used for stimulation inside the

The different types of anal toys available and what might work best for

Anal toys are some of the most popular sex toys in the world. These
masturbation devices have proved to be a very popular choice for the
everyday user, and many people use them for a variety of reasons. For
example, anal toys are used as a form of stimulation during sex, especially
during anal sex. They’re also used to masturbate from and to relieve stre